Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Has Sprung......FINALLY!

It is another glorious day here, 10:45 a.m. and already nearly 60 degrees. I love sunshine and warm weather (but not too hot!)

We are busy with spring clean-up around here. The backyard is full of piles of dried grapevines and metal posts derived from the cutting down of a portion of the grape arbor in the backyard. This arbor was HUGE, and was well established. The fruit it bore was simply too much for one family to use, especially when most of the family doesn't really like the grapes that come from it. Most of the harvest over the last few years has gone to waste; the ground underneath the arbor is well nourished!

So, dh is out there right now, cutting the metal posts into smaller, more manageable pieces. We are hoping to haul them to the steel scrap place later this week and cash them in. The vines and miscellaneous other trimmings will be put through a friend's chipper so that we have our own mulch. That will save us a lot of money in mulch for the rest of the yard.

I have been busy doing some spring cleaning. I really need to wash my windows, but I'm not THAT motivated yet. I'll get to them eventually, hopefully before summer comes, but you never know.

The kids are back to school this week. They are in the home stretch now. Only ten more weeks until summer vacation. Then, I will have a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a kindergartener! It doesn't get much more spread out that than. The next school year will be a very busy one, I'm sure.

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Kay Day said...

good for you. I know you were looking forward to spring. It actually came early here, this year.