Monday, April 9, 2007


Today I want to talk about color.

The challenge question was: What colors are you gravitating toward lately? Which ones really move you? Which ones do you really like?

Lately, I have been gravitating toward greens and purples, sometimes used together, sometimes separately. However, my sister reminded me yesterday of the fundamental rule of color - TURQUOISE goes with everything. We learned this little tidbit of information at a class we took at Right at Home Scrapbooking two weeks ago. "When in doubt, go with turquoise. " And that works in your wardrobe, too, not just in scrapbooking. Time to add some color variety to my wardrobe, I guess. Supposedly, all this turquoise stuff will match what I already have.

That will take some getting used to, as it is not a color I normally relate to, which is a great segway to the next question.

Which colors really move me?/Which colors do I really like?

I am drawn to vibrant colors - red, blue, purple. Anything vivid, but not flourescent. Pastels just do not do it for me.

My other color family of choice would be earth tones. I love rich shades of brown, amber, gold, and rust. They remind me of autumn, which is my favorite time of year.

I wonder how turquoise fits in with that color scheme? Perhaps I should do a layout with these colors as an experiment.


Kay Day said...

I like the colors you like. I don't care for turquoise at all. I don't care if it does go with anything. I won't be adding any to my closet - or my decor.
I kinda have my own rule that red goes with everything! LOL

nm2 said...

I never considered turquoise until attending a similar class. I decided to broaden my horizons and try it out. To my surprise, I'm enjoying the springtime feel that comes with wearing turquoise. I especially like how light turquoise acts as a "neutral;" a perfect foil to many other colors. I have noticed that my color preference has steadily changed over the decades (Don't ask how many!) and I've had several favorites over the years. My rule of thumb, however, is similar to Kay's-When in doubt--wear RED!

Pastor Greg said...

Ya know - back in the 80's I really enjoyed wearing Turquoise with Pink. LOL.

And, the name of the street were I grew up on was Turquoise St.