Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, starts with "C"

I was "tagged" by my friend Kay to name 10 things that start with whatever letter she assigns me. I got "C". Are there even 10 things that start with c?

Ok, here goes, in no particular order, mind you:

1. Cookies. I'm a big fan of homemade cookies, particularly chocolate chip, but I only indulge every so often, like at Christmas time.

ooh, look, lots of great c words in that first sentence!

2. Chocolate. Chocolate chips, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate as a drink. Yep, I like chocolate. Dark please. None of that milk chocolate stuff. It's just not right.

3. Christmas. It's my all-time favorite holiday.

4. Cricut. It's my die-cutting machine for scrapbooking. I use it a lot. The kids use it a lot.

5. Clementines. I'm not a big fan of fruit in general, but I do like clementines.

6. Cheese. why does my list include almost all food items?

7. Children. Of the older variety, like teens.

8. Church. I love my church and I love serving there. It's awesome!

9. Creating scrapbook pages and cards.

10. Cookie Monster. Love the cookie monster. They never should have replaced him with the Veggie Monster. That's just wrong. w.r.o.n.g.

If you want to play, leave a comment and I'll assign you a letter. No fair picking your own.


tinksgrl said...

ok i want to play...but please don't give me a weird letter...LOL

Irish Eyes said...

WHAT Cookie Monster was replaced! I had no idea.. you know, CM liked Chocolate Chip cookies... LOL!

Bet said...

Tinks, your letter is "I"...check your blog and post there...then post back here so I can read it :)

Bet said...


Your letter is "T"

Irish Eyes said...

did it! thanks! :D BTW, T was kinda hard! Hehe!

Jenny said...

Catching up on blogging! I'll do it!