Saturday, January 31, 2009

Procrastination...... oh, oh, oh, oh

It's a well-known word in my house. It seems everyone in my house is afflicted with hit, and I hate it. It is incredibly frustrating. Particularly when it involves a certain man-child who shall remain nameless who absolutely positively will wait to the last possible instant to do anything. Eat. Get Dressed. Brush his hair. Get in the car (because we ARE leaving with or without you). Do his homework. Go to bed.

As I write this, it has taken a certain man-child nearly two hours to get about five lines written on the project that is due on Tuesday. That's an average of what... 2.5 lines per hour? Lord have mercy, it's going to be a long day at this rate.

I am also a procrastinator, but that is because I actually prefer to work under pressure. I work best with a deadline. I like the adrenaline rush of having to get something done RIGHT NOW. Or does that make me compulsive?

Anyway, I am trying so very hard to be patient with my son. I have to be because I am much like he is. I have learned, though, that it is often best to just get the dreaded chore over with so you can move on to the things you really want to do. In his case, he wants to shoot "Nazi zombies" on X-Box live. Me, I want to go read a book or play with paper. Alas, neither of us is going to do what we really want to do if he doesn't focus. And, no, it isn't ADD. He just doesn't want to. He needs to write his paper; I need to hover and prod him along. Seriously, it won't get done otherwise.

Pray I keep my patience!

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Momstheword said...

So what kind of consequences would he suffer if he didn't get the paper done? Might teach him a really good lesson :) I had a pokey child and I should have let her miss out on some fun occasions instead of prodding her to get ready. However, she learned her lesson when she couldn't make it to her first hour class in college. LOL