Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back To Normal

After fantastic Christmas and New Year celebrations, life is finally (I think) settling back down at my house. I have gotten the Christmas decorations down, the tree is at the curb for pick-up on trash day, and I have cleaned, swept, and vacuumed. I was hoping to get some play time (aka scrapbooking) today, but it was more important to me to clean my house up. It's not exactly where I want it to be (it never is), but it will have to be good enough.

My brother flew in for the holidays (he is currently pursuing his doctorate at CalTech (Pasadena) and it was such a great visit! I can honestly say that this past Christmas and New Year's celebrations were the best ever. We laughed, talked, and just enjoyed one another's company. New Year's Eve was quiet - we spent it with my brother as we were pounded with a major snow storm. New Year's Day was spent with friends from church. We had an open house here and it was awesome to just hang out with everyone. We played Catch Phrase - that was a blast! The young people (aka teenagers and a few of the young at heart) played Rock Band on the Wii ALL AFTERNOON and well into the night! The little ones were so good, too - they managed to play together without any great incidents requiring adult supervision.

We were truly blessed this past holiday season - God is so good! He has blessed us with a loving family and great friends who are just like family. Here's some highlights from our New Year's Day event:


tinksgrl said...

You have amazing friends! and....You are a VERY amazing friend of mine!!

Sharon said...

I love the photos.. the one guy looks like the Dog Whisperer.. cesar milan (or however you spell it) Hey.. is that lasagna on the table!!!!!