Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was tagged by Irish Eyes with the following MEME...sorry it's taken me so long to respond. What can I say?

The Five Kind Things Meme works like this:

List five kind things you do for yourself.

1. Take time each morning (or most mornings) to pray and study God's Word.
2. Buy myself a Mocha Madness before work to sip on all morning. Decaf.
3. Get manicures.
4. Keep up with regular haircuts and color.
5. Use the Internet for shopping. I dislike going to the mall immensely. I have to be in the mood for that.

List five kind things you do for your closest friend, partner or child.

1. Listen
2. Do their laundry, even when THEY'RE supposed to be doing it. You know who you are.
3. Babysit.
4. Fix their favorite meals.
5. Be a taxi driver.

List five kind things you have done for a stranger.

1. Cut me in line at the checkout at the grocery store.
2. Hold doors open.
3. Pick up whatever they dropped (particularly with elderly people).
4. Listen (this often happens with new clients at the office - they need to vent)
5. Bring a meal over (like for a new neighbor or someone from church that is sick, etc. Sometimes I don't know them!)

List five kind things you do for fun.

1. Hang out with my BFF Rach.
2. Hang out with my sister (scrapbooking, usually. Shopping occasionally).
3. Hang out with my kids playing board games or going mini golfing or the movies.
4. Go out with my dh for a "date."
5. Surf the Internet.

List five people you are tagging with this meme.

1. Enzo
2. Loop de loops
3. Amy
4. Jenny
5. Danah

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