Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School Time

I love this time of year. It seriously makes me wish I were back in school. Not as a youngster, though, mind you. I have no desire to return to my childhood and relive my school years. I am, however, a lifelong student, and if I had the time and resources, I'd probably be in college forever, just learning. I love to learn.

I loved being at BU earlier this year. As hard as it was, and as much work as it entailed, I loved every minute of it. Yes, even the dreaded Corporate Law module. I didn't understand much of it, but I was determined to get through it, and get through it well!

I also love back to school time because it gives me an excuse to buy school supplies. I love school supplies - the paper, the pencils, the pens (I'm forever on a quest for the perfect pen!), notebooks (oh, yeah, I'm always on a quest for those too - not just anyone will do), the folders. All of it. I just love that stuff. Ask my family. They'll tell you.

And don't even get me started on Book Sox. Are those not the coolest thing ever in the world of school supplies? Granted, I'm a purist and given the option, I would choose to cover my books in a brown grocery bag so I could decorate it myself. Alas, paper grocery bags have been replaced by the icky plastic shopping bags, which are not conducive to good book covering. Given this horrible state of affairs, Book Sox are the next best thing. And, it only takes a few seconds to cover a book, and dare I say even the youngest child can do it.

Yep, going back to school is very, very cool.

So, in honor of the season, I took a quiz. You knew I would.

What Your Back to School Personality Says About You

You are a lively, ambitious, and passionate person. You are driven to do well in life and aspire to great things.

You are most likely to succeed if you follow a proven path to success. You don't mind putting in long hours to achieve your goal.

Your greatest skill is your verbal prowess. You have no problem finding words to express yourself, make your point, or win an argument.

Your biggest stumbling block in life is worrying about what other people think of you. Their opinions matter even less than you think.

You're so thankful for everything in your life. It's hard for you to pick just one thing.

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Kay Day said...

That was fun, but my results didn't match me.

I love school. I loved going back to school. I still get real nostalgic this time of year and I always buy myself a few supplies when I get the kids theirs!

I could be a lifelong student, too, if I could afford it. So, I self-educate instead.