Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just catching up....

I haven't posted in a while...did anyone notice? No matter, I'll post an update anyway.

School is going to start soon, so I have been doing the back-to-school-shopping-even-though-the-kids-don't-need-anything thing. I haven't done too badly, however....I caught an awesome sale at Aeropostale and the stuffsave event at Old Navy, so financial damage has been minimal. Praise God for that...August has been an expensive month!

I am gearing up to finish our summer Bible study on the names of God. The plan is to finish the Lord our Shepard and wrap up with a study on Jehovah Shammah "The Lord is There." My initial studies on this particular name have been extremely fascinating. We'll see where the Lord leads on it for presentation to the ladies.

Our fall study will be No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. I loosely participated in this study over the summer with the Siestas on Beth Moore's blog, but the summer being what it was (busy) I didn't really give it my full effort or attention. So, I'll be revisiting it while the women go through it for the first time.

I am also keeping my eyes open for paralegal positions. While I certainly don't plan on leaving where I'm at any time soon, the fact of the matter is that my boss is nearing retirement age and inevitably I will need to find somewhere new. I just want to see what's out there and what law firms are looking for. Seems like corporate law and intellectual property law are the hot spots right now, neither of which I have ANY experience in. It figures. Twenty years in the profession and I am still a newbie LOL

I am getting back into scrapbooking after a several month hiatus, and am starting to feel the mojo again. I worked on our vacation album last night...ok, well, I just did the title page but still, it's something, right?

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Sharon said...

I missed your postings! Be sure and put up a pic of a page or two of your vacay! :D