Friday, January 11, 2008

Scripture Challenge 2008 - Week One

I think it is so cool how God uses His word when you least expect it.

It took me a little while to decide which verse I wanted to use for this week's challenge - after all , it was the first one, and the first one typically sets the pace for the rest.

So, I decided on 1 Pet. 1:7, which is essence tells me that my faith WILL be tested, and God will use those trials to refine my faith to something much more valuable than gold, undestructible, and that faith will shine in my life to bring praise, honor and glory to Christ.

No one wants to suffer and go through hard times - me included. Yet, God uses those things that bring us discomfort to refine our faith so that ultimately it is more precious than gold. It cannot be greatly shaken or destroyed.

I had the opportunity to share this verse on Wednesday night in my Bible study. Our study topic had nothing to do with trials or faith - the goal was to talk about being grateful and thankful, not just in word, but in the very core of us - in our heart. Somehow, the conversation turned to the subject of trials, and I was able to share what I had learned just two nights prior with my group. It was awesome!

God is awesome! He knew that this verse would be an encouragement to many that night. I am so thrilled that He allowed me to be the one to share it with them!


Pastor Greg said...

Very cool!

Patter Cross said...

Oh how awesome that you were able to share in your Bible study group! And great cards!

I also wanted to respond to your question about the Rolodex punch. I have seen peoples comments but I honestly have never had a problem. Mine works great. Hope that helps. Have a joyous day!

Jenny said...

I have tagged you on my blog! :-) Play if you want!

Kay Day said...

ooooh. Pretty new blog!

I tagged you on mine! Go look.