Monday, July 30, 2007


Ten things on my mind this morning, in no particular order:

1. Will I ever get out of debt?

2. Will I ever be able to lose weight?

3. How come I feel so miserable?

4. My son told me yesterday that God provides for our needs...not our wants. I need to think about that some more and get my priorities straight based on that statement, which I know is true, but I am still in denial.

5. I don't want to be like a mule - stubborn, unteachable, always bucking.

6. I want to be like a tamed stallion - powerful, strong, beautiful, yet under control. There is something to be said for being under the control of your Master...quiet strength...

7. I want to get out of debt. We are not in trouble, but there isn't much extra $, that's for sure.

8. I'm fixating on $ right now, especially with school starting in a month. I have three children to clothe and buy supplies for. Thank God that my oldest son's dad agreed, and has already purchased, the special uniforms and shoes that are required by the vocational high school.

9. God provides for my needs.

10. I need to stop worrying because God provides for me. Always has. In the most amazing ways, sometimes.

I sure do love HIM!

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