Saturday, August 4, 2007

Taking the plunge

Well, with all my griping about money earlier this week, we have taken a leap of faith. We have enrolled my middle son in a Christian school. I don't know what possessed me to even think of it, much less consider it, yet here I am, fresh out of a meeting with the principal and head teacher, with a stack of papers to fill out and return with a $300.00 check.

When the idea came to mind, I quickly dismissed it, thinking that my son would never agree to it. He is a social butterfly, and the school we are enrolling him in is very small. Like 35 children in the whole school small. Goodness, his public school homeroom alone had 25 students in it.

I never in my wildest dreams thought my son would agree to such a change.

Not to mention the fact that he will now have to wear a uniform. This child lives in jeans and t-shirts. He's only worn dress pants and a shirt and tie a handful of times in his whole life. He did not hesitate to tell me AGAIN that yes, he would like to transfer to this school. He didn't care about having to wear a uniform.

The next obstacle, which I thought sure would kill the deal was the issue of his hair. My middle child has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on a boy. And it's long. He likes it long. In fact, it took weeks of coaxing AFTER SCHOOL finished in June to have him cut his bangs and clean up the split ends. We had about three inches cut off, and it's still long. I'm not kidding. This kid loves his hair, and he loves it long. Trouble is, in Christian school, it has to be short. Or so I have been told. He agreed, without much hesitation (there was some) to cut his hair. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he agreed to that.

Come to find out, after our meeting with the principal, his hair is fine the length it is so long as he cuts the bangs so that he can see. They are ok with the length in back - their issue is that it not cover his eyes and it has to look neat.

All these things have led us as a family to believe that this child simply must attend this school. Every obstacle has been addressed and removed. The only issue that remains is money. We can swing it, but it will be a juggling act. Not to mention that teen camp is coming up and I am sending both boys to the tune of $250.00 for the week.

So, here I am. Trusting God to provide the funds for this new venture. Tuition and camp will take a chunk out of our savings - savings that I find some small measure of comfort in having. Maybe that's why God is having me tap into it, so that I can trust HIM and not the money in the bank.

Someday, maybe, I'll have that nest egg I've always wanted but seems to elude me. Or maybe my life will be spent trusting God for my finances. Either way, I know He won't let me down. As King David said "I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread."

May my life be a testament to God's love and grace; may I walk righteously before Him. He will not let us down.


A Joyful Mom said...

That is wonderful Bet! It's sometimes funny how things work out isn't it? I'm sure he'll love it!

Kay Day said...

Sounds like it's definitely a God thing!
and God does a great job making His things work out!

I went to a small Christian school 3-12 grades.

Jenny said...

I hope he will love it, Bet! !!! I attended Christian schools my whole life and am very thankful for the opportunity. My daughter also attends one, and we love it!