Thursday, September 11, 2008

Full Circle?

You know, I wonder sometimes why that is. When I was just a little older than my oldest child is now, I was really into LOUD music. Dare I say I even enjoyed the melodic strains of HEAVY METAL screamo music?

I know what you're thinking. Not you, Bet. Surely you're more of a light rock, ballad sort of girl. Uh, no. I still prefer my music LOUD and very upbeat. The adult part of me and the pastor's wife part of me don't mind worship music, light rock, and pop music. Really, I can appreciate and enjoy these genres. I like to think of myself as a well-rounded individual, musically speaking. Really, I do. But, if I had my way, I would be listening to music that is just not acceptable to most of my peers. After all, I AM a grown-up. And respectable, pastor's wives listen to "worship" music, right?

Now mind you, I don't care for the lyrics and messages of secular heavy metal or rock bands. I try to avoid things that are not edifying or just plain vulgar and unnecessary. I do have my limits, you know. But, I am all for listening to the equivalent genre in the Christian music realm, and yes, it is available.

Now the full circle part. My eldest child LOVES music. Guess what kind? Yep. LOUD. ROCK. METAL. SCREAMO. Goodness, I love that child. A child after my own heart.

The challenge is getting him to actually enjoy listening to artists in that genre with a Christian (or at least clean) message. Enter in two of his favorite mainstream, yet Christian, bands -- Underoath and his absolute favorite, As I Lay Dying.

Imagine my glee when I was browsing in our (very) local Christian bookstore. (Can I just say how awesome it is to have a Christian book store right in my town???? I know. I'm easily amused.) Anyway, as I was broswing their now much larger and diverse music section, what do I lay my eyes upon? Yep. An entire section devoted to "Modern Rock" a/k/a metal-but-let's-not-tell-the-adults-that's-really-what-it-is. Not only did they have Underoath and As I Lay Dying, but various other artists that were just clamoring for my son's ears.

To surprise him, I bought him two CDs, which he can now download to his trusty-don't-ever-leave-home-without-it Ipod. I'm so excited to give these to him. I hope he enjoys them as much as I enjoyed buying them for him.

For your listening pleasure, check it out:

Underoath and
As I Lay Dying