Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling Blah

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you're just feeling blah?

I'm tempted to blame my mood on the lack of sunshine and the endless of winter, but honestly that can't be it. I mean, sure, it probably has a little to do with it, but in actuality, this winter has not been that bad. I remember WARM days, and even lots of really sunny days, interspersed with some snow and cold. So, why am I feeling so down in the dumps? Why is it that Gloomius Maximus seems to be overstaying his welcome?

I wish I knew. It's time for him to go.


Sharon said...

I think you feel gloomy.. because.. you needed to change your layout and background to something super cool.. like these dots!!!!!! You should be feeling better now! :) I think part if it is the time of year, its not winter, but its not quite spring, and things feel so in between. -sharon

Just Me said...

yeah, maybe you're right. I like the new layout too...more whimsical LOL

Thanks, Irish :)

Kay Day said...

I'm sorry you're down. I hate that feeling.

I tagged you on my blog. Maybe playing along will cheer you up!