Monday, April 7, 2008

Uniform Commercial Code or UCC as it is "un" affectionately called

I have just completed two of the most difficult weeks in my educational life to date. I am so glad it's over, though I am still stressing about my grade, which will not be revealed until midweek.

To the right, you can see the UCC in all its hardbound glory. Yep, all those books for one "Code" covering business entities, securities, and secured transactions. Everything from creating a security interest (buy now, no payments for 24 months), collateral, liens on bank accounts secondary to a financing statement, defaults, PMSIs, blah, blah, blah, etc.

These past two weeks, I have been studying a portion of Article 9 of the UCC for my paralegal class. Can I just reiterate how relieved I am it's over? I have never been so confused by legal jargon in my entire career. The class was HARD. There is just so much to learn and only two weeks to learn it. Now, mind you, this class covered only one section of Article 9 - the typical UCC course takes a law student at least six months to cover and sometimes a year, depending on the law school. My brain is confused.

The grading for the class is based on two quizzes, which I did miserably on, BTW. The professor stated that he will also take into account our participation in the discussions. That's all nice and fine, but there was very little discussion because all of us were so overwhelmed we couldn't discuss anything! Seriously, most of the discussions revolved around how confused and overwhelmed we were and could someone please explain the text in English????

I cannot believe how difficult this class was for me. I have been working in the legal field for 21 years and it threw me for a loop. Granted, I don't work in corporate law, but I have dabbled in it a bit. Apparently, it was nowhere near enough dabbling.

At least it's done. I've done my best. I'm praying that I get a passing grade, or else the past 12 weeks have been for nothing as BU requires at least a C in every course to earn the certificate. Time will tell.... only 57.5 hours until grades are posted.

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I admire you! :)