Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I did it! I found a "WOW" gift for my hard-to-buy-for-tech-geek husband. At least I think it'll be a wow gift. I can't go into details here, because he might read the blog between now and Christmas. He doesn't usually, but with my luck, he'll decide to check in and lo and behold find out what his present is.
I had already bought him a gift in October that was sure to be a WOW, but stupidly I had it shipped to the house and not to my office. He works from home and there is no way he would not see the package before I did. The box was a dead give-away, so I had to give him his present early. It was a GPS, and he was totally surprised and excited to have it. We've already put it to good use, especially with my trips to Boston to see the TMJ specialist out there. I'm just so upset that I couldn't surprise him for Christmas.
But, today, I got an email for this cool site that shop at occasionally. For the heck of it, I decided to see what they had to offer - especially since it was $5 off a $35 purchase. And, there it was. The coolest gift. He won't be expecting anything like it. I'm so excited!
I'll post after Christmas with his reaction. I hope he likes it as much as I think he will!

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